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The Reds Didn't Flip Matt Harvey. Don't Flip Out.

This was originally published in The Athletic

When you found out back in May that the Reds had traded for Matt Harvey, which of the following two paragraphs would come closest to encapsulating your immediate reaction…

  1. “OMG! OMG! OMG! We got Matt Harvey? We got Matt Harvey! The DARK FREAKIN’ KNIGHT! Matt Harvaaaaaay! Who can I text? What can I tweet? We. Got. Matt. Harvey!”
  2. “Oh.”

I’m going to guess that the correct answer is B.

Now, put yourself in the rather cushy chair of a Major League general manager when Reds President of Baseball Operations Dick Williams calls and mentions to you that you, yes you, could have Matt Harvey, for the right price. Which choice best sums up your reaction?

  1. “Wait, what? Are you serious? OMG! OMG! OMG! We can get Matt Harvey?! For what? For whom? Name your price. Take your pick of what we have. We need Matt Harvey. I need Matt Harvey! I gotsta get some Matt. Har. Vay.”
  2. “Oh.”

You and I both know the answer.

To read more, go to The Athletic.

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