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Some Stuff: Tuesday Random Thoughts.

I don't really have that much to say today, so the forthcoming post is a series of unconnected random thoughts, culled both from the deepest reaches of my brain, as well as the top of my head.

*ESPN's Darren Woodson, whose work I enjoy, claimed last month that the Bengals lack an identity.  I was this close to agreeing with him. Watching them this preseason - and yes, I'm very aware that preseason results do not count - I now disagree.  The Bengals will have a ferocious pass rush.  That's their identity.  

*I do not believe the UC Bearcats will go to the Rose Bowl and beat UCLA. I do believe they will avoid the 200p-point beating that so many have sworn to me the Bruins will hand to them.  There's two major reasons. One is that I think the Cats can run the ball just effectively enough. The other is that Chip Kelly doesn't yet have a team that's good enough for us to assume that they'll destroy a non-Power 5 foe.  Folks who follow the Pac-12 have them in the middle of the pack, and their QB situation includes Wilton Speight.  No team that includes Wilton Speight among their quarterback candidates deserves to open as a 16.5-point favorite.  

*I can be convinced that UC will start 5-1.  I don't believe that will happen, but with a beer or two in me, I can be convinced.

*The US Open, at night, on TV always looks awesome.  There needs to be more televised tennis at night.  Also, I crossed the US Open off my bucket list in 2012.  I can't recommend the experience enough.

*Speaking of bucket lists, I've been looking forward to this coming weekend for a year. A Rose Bowl visit for Cats/Bruins sandwiched around Dodgers games Friday and Sunday, and maybe one on Thursday.  I've been to LA once, for UC/UCLA hoops at Pauley last December.  We hit up Venice Beach and Westwood. If anyone who's been to LA that understands my sensibilities and interests has any recommendations for the rest of our time in SoCal, lay 'em on me: 

*I don't care if you root for the Ohio State Buckeyes, hate the Ohio State Buckeyes, worship Urban Meyer, loathe Urban Meyer, or fall somewhere in the middle, the concept of a Head Breakfast Coach is always going to be funny. I need everyone to agree with me on this. 

*The idea that my opinions about Urban Meyer - who, based on the investigation's findings, should not have lost his job, which, you know, he didn't - are connected to my rooting interest in UC is based on the suggestion that to root for one, you have to hate the other.  That's not the case.  UC and Ohio State aren't rivals.  They rarely play. They don't recruit the same players. They're not in the same conference.  They're as mutually exclusive and mutually exclusive can be.  I'm not even sure there's a college football program I root against. Honestly, I've gotten out of the "root against" business. Life is easier that way.

*Good Morning Football on NFL Network is a good TV show.  

*This season's Hard Knocks is the best since the 2010 season featured the Jets.

*The Reds would be infinitely more interesting if Matt Harvey and Homer Bailey weren't pitching for them.

*I'm going to the ballgame tonight.  The local team is 329 games out of first place. Football is fast approaching. I've been to a trillion baseball games in my life.  And yet, I'm counting down the hours until I can walk through GABP's gates.  I hope that feeling never gets old.

Enjoy your Tuesday. 

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