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Some Stuff: No Joe, No Problem?

Forgive me for the late start. Not that I have much of anything to say today...

The Bengals will play without Joe Mixon against Carolina on Sunday. Obviously, that's less than ideal. But this past Sunday, I watched the Jaguars score 31 on the Patriots without Leonard Fournette, I saw the Steelers drop 36 on Kansas City without Le'Veon Bell, and I watched the Falcons move the ball well against the same Panthers defense the Bengals will see on Sunday without DeVonta Freeman. 

Maybe those teams are different than the Bengals, and perhaps they have strengths where the Bengals do not. But can their offensive successes serve as a little bit of a guide for how to survive without a lead back?


If the Bengals do indeed have the wealth of weapons that's advertised, and if Bill Lazor is the coordinating savant we all want to believe he is, then they should be okay, and at least somewhat productive, without Joe Mixon.

So there.

Here's some other stuff...

The Bengals coming up big with a solid troll job today: Randy Bullock gets a contract extension. Fine work, Marvin and Mike. Well done. 

Why again couldn't the Reds have tried to make a trade for Christian Yelich?  I'm, like many, at a point of utter exasperation with the Reds. Yes, it was fun for the three or four weeks when they made us think that, you know what, they're not that far away from contention, and I do expect them to be more active than usual this offseason, but it's getting tiresome watching them spend September being irrelevant. And it's really hard to imagine that this time next year, we'll be watching the Reds play meaningful baseball.

Isn't fun watching the Pittsburgh Steelers become the new face of NFL dysfunction?

Urban Meyer spoke yesterday for 55 minutes. He did a two-part interview with ESPN. He released a statement.  It's clear to me that Urban Meyer doesn't believe he really did anything wrong.  If he doesn't think he didn't anything wrong, and you think he did do something wrong, then guess what, whatever he says is not going to make you happy. 

It's as much of a waste of time for Urban Meyer to speak as it is to listen to him.

Not really feelin' it today, TBH. 

It'd be great to be believed in. 

Here's some other stuff....

Jay Morrison asks if it's time for Bengals fans to appreciate Randy Bullock

I think the answer to this question is yes, though I'm not as sure as I was two weeks ago. 

With UC and Ohio U hooking up this weekend, here's a good look at the football history between the Bearcats and Bobcats, with some nuggets I plan on stealing for this week's pregame show. 

Because basketball can't get here soon enough, there's this

Mike Greenberg interviewing Paul Finebaum: This is a great listen.

Radio Show: It returns tomorrow. I hope someone listens. 

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