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Does It Matter Who The Reds Manager Is Next Year?

This was originally published in The Athletic...

I was hosting 700WLW’s Reds postgame show, “Extra Innings” the other night, and I came out on fire.

With maybe an hour of airtime on my hands, my plan was to devote the entire show following a 3-1 Reds win over the Brewers not to the the just-completed game which, let’s be honest, meant little for the road team, but instead to the burning questions that will be looming over the fast-approaching offseason.

I launched into my spiel, rattling off the things this team’s front office has to sort through: finding outside pitching help, determining what to do long-term with players like Scooter Gennett and Billy Hamilton, determining Nick Senzel’s role. I talked with conviction about potential trades, I wondered openly about free agency acquisitions and I emphatically opined about five or six different players whose place with the Reds seem undefined and uncertain. It was one of those rolls that results from a radio host having all day to think, a steady stream-of-conscious rant designed to cover as much ground as possible in enough time to give the audience to react, which it did.

The phones lit up, man. I had surely compelled the audience with my groundbreaking Reds takes. We were going to spend the rest of the evening sifting through everything I’d just laid out and maybe even come up with some answers for how this coming offseason can help yield a better, maybe even contending team next year.

So I went to the phones…

Me: Steve in Batavia, you’re on Extra Innings. What’s up?!

Steve in Batavia: (Long pause) Ummm, who should the Reds hire to be their manager?

To read the entire piece, go to The Athletic. 

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