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Bearcats 49 Huskies 7 In Ten Unconnected Thoughts Or Less.

We should start with this: UConn is bad.  Like, putrid. Maybe the worst team in all of FBS football. I don't know for sure, because I will make it a point to not watch the other contenders for said title, but they're bad. Really bad.  

Desmond Ridder is good.  And against the Huskies, he was really good. It's been fun to watch him progress every week. He's getting more accurate, he looks more poised, and he's becoming very, very reliable.  

Michael Warren now has ten rushing touchdowns on the season. The school record for rushing TDs in one year in 17. My money is on Warren breaking that record.

Josiah Deguara added an excellent game to what, for him, has been a pretty productive season. He gives the Bearcats a dimension on offense most of us weren't counting on.

For three years, I watched UC defense's commit all sorts of assignment errors.  You don't see them with this year's team.

The silly penalties need to be cleaned up. 

I enjoyed seeing Hayden Moore get back on the field, and do some good things.  Hayden Moore has handled his demotion, by all accounts, well. 

I expect a quality American football contest at Nippert next Saturday. I also expect to spend my Saturday evening toasting to bowl eligibility.  On this particular Saturday night, I'm going to toast to getting back from Hartford with my favorite college team having reached the win total I expected for the entire season.

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