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Revisiting Bold Preseason Reds Predictions.

This was originally published in The Athletic...

I was going to do a complete Reds season wrap-up column, but honestly, what’s left to say about 2018?

The Reds were terrible out of the gate, and they’ve barely crawled to the finish line. There were a few high points, and some individual standouts, but you know what they were. And the nice little midsummer reprieve they gave us from losing seems like it happened so long ago that I’d have to strain to remember the details.

The Reds stunk. Again. There’s your recap.

I could do some sort of comprehensive look ahead to the offseason, but as critical as the coming months are, and as much as the Reds have an opportunity to advance the rebuild-to-nowhere with trades or free agency signings, we all know what the so far unmet primary objective for 2019 needs to be.

The Reds need better pitching. Offseason preview finished.

In the absence of either a standalone look back, or a preview of what has to happen next, allow me to do both by revisiting some bold predictions I made just before the season, in a piece appropriately titled Six Bold Predictions About The Reds in 2018We’ll see what I was right about, where I missed the mark and what lies ahead.

To read the entire piece, go to The Athletic.

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