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What If FC Cincinnati Doesn't Win It All?

This was originally published in The Athletic.

If FC Cincinnati survives what lies ahead – which includes a game against a Nashville SC team it’s played three times to a draw, and could possibly include in the Eastern Conference final either a Pittsburgh team that’s given FCC fits or the final chapter of a rivalry with Louisville City that’s turned bitter – there will surely be the immediate, instant rejoicing that accompanies a championship. That would be followed by the kind of choreographed celebration that we always get to watch someone else enjoy.

The die-hard FC Cincinnati fans would, of course, lose their minds. I’d get a huge kick out of watching the club’s most invested fans celebrating a team winning a title less than three and a half years after its conception.

The more casual fans would join in too, because why not? Any good party is inclusive, and we’ve lamented failure for so long around here that jumping in late to celebrate success shouldn’t just be excused, it should be encouraged.

But though my deep desires to finally revel in winning make me hesitant to even bring this up, I’ve got to ask something anyway …

What if FC Cincinnati doesn’t win?

To read the entire piece, go to The Athletic.

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