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ESPN1530 Podcast: The Mo Egger Show For 10/25/18

On Thursday's show...

Why I'm in the same place I was eight weeks ago about the Bengals.

Jay Morrison from The Athletic on bad Bengals tackling, Vontaze, beating the Bucs, and the trade deadline.

Xavier Head Coach Travis Steele.

Chad Brendel from Bearcat Journal.

FC Cincinnati Head Coach Alan Koch.

Why I wish football uniforms didn't have numbers.

A page baseball could steal from soccer.

A Titanic take, NFL trade deadline talk, and KD to my Knicks?

Dan Clasgens with fantasy football advice.

NKU Head Coach John Brannen.

Hot Take James' hottest takes of the week.

America's best handicapper, Brandon Lang.

My back-of-the-envelope football guesses.


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