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Blog Of Football Guesses: I Want To Be Wrong.

This is the second version of this.  The first was long, and actually had some substance to it - or at least as much substance as I can manufacture - and rationale for most of my guesses, and well as a guarantee that the Bengals will make the playoffs if they win in Baltimore on Sunday.

Alas, I have no idea what happened to the original version. It's lost to the ether, I suppose.  Maybe I made a mistake. I don't know. What I do know is that I have to leave for Orlando, and for a handful of reasons that don't matter, I can't blog on the plane.

My apologies for the brevity, and the lack of substance, although you're probably used to this blog lacking substance.

Ravens 27 Bengals 20 (Baltimore -4)

I don't trust the offense without AJ Green enough to pick them to win on the road against a quality defense and a desperate team, even if Lamar Jackson is likely to be making his first NFL start. Also, there's the Justin Tucker factor. I want to be wrong. 

Atlanta (-3.5) over Dallas.

Carolina (-4.5) over Detroit.

Indianapolis (-1.5) over Tennessee

Tampa Bay (+2.5 over the Giants

Washington (+3) over Houston

Pittsburgh (-5.5) over Jacksonville

Oakland (+5.5) over Arizona

Denver (+7) over the Chargers

Philadelphia (+7.5) over New Orleans

Minnesota (+2.5) over Chicago

Kansas City (+3.5) over the Rams

Last week: 6-7

Last night: 0-0-1

This season: 79-63-5

Knights 28 Bearcats 24 (Cincinnati +7)

I want to be able to tell you that I've really, really convinced that UC will win this weekend against UCF. I'm very convinced they can win, and even more convinced that they'll be in the game in the fourth quarter.  I'm not convinced they'll win...I worry about their propensity for slow starts, and UCF is too explosive and the Knights strike too quickly. Cats cover. Knights win. I want to be wrong.

Ohio State (-13.5) over Maryland

Kentucky (-15.5) over Middle Tennessee

Indiana (+28) over Michigan

UMass/Georgia under 55.5.

The rest, I don't feel that good about. I'm off to find out what happened to my blog.

College football guessing: 39-30-1

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