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UCF Gives Bearcats Firsthand Look At What They Must Strive To Be.

This was originally published in The Athletic.

I’ll admit to not feeling strongly either way about the College Football Playoff worthiness of the Central Florida Knights.

On one hand, it’s hard as a follower of a non-Power Five program to not have a degree of empathy when a team that wins every game doesn’t get a shot at playing for the title.

On the other, is the whole strength-of-schedule thing. Also, when the old, imperfect way of determining a national champion was replaced with a new, imperfect way of determining a national champion, it was pretty clear the only way schools like UCF could claim national titles would be to just make them up.

That’s exactly what the people at UCF did after last season’s 13-0 run. You can bet you’ll see and hear a lot about the Knights’ back-to-back national championships if they go undefeated again, even though no one else will officially recognize or care about it.

However you feel though about UCF and the school’s in-everyone’s-face campaign to have a chance to be throttled by Alabama, their place as the AAC’s measuring stick is inarguable.

To read the entire piece, go to The Athletic.

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