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Loosely Connected Thoughts: JT Realmuto Has A Fun Last Name.

I didn't blog yesterday. Or over the weekend. Or on Friday. Or the day before. But hey, I'm here now, so let's see how I do....

*On JT Realmuto.  Aside from getting a ton of enjoyment over saying the name "Realmuto" as often as possible, I'm gonna side with waiting to decide how I feel about the Reds potentially acquiring the best catcher in baseball until they actually do, or don't.

Mainly, I want to know what the Reds will be giving up, and what other moves acquiring Realmuto would either enable the Reds to make, or preclude them from making. That said...

I am absolutely on board with the idea of making an upgrade at a position that doesn't represent the Reds' biggest weakness. There should be no limitations on getting better.

If I ran the club, I would absolutely not allow the presence of Tucker Barnhart on the roster prevent me from obtaining someone who's better. I really like Tucker, and if he ends up being the Opening Day catcher, then that's fine. But you'll have to excuse me if I'm not going to refuse to get JT Realmuto because I'm enamored with Tucker's .699 OPS or his below league average percentage of throwing out bases-stealers.

And please, stop telling me how popular and beloved he is.....

Tucker Barnhart might be your favorite player, (if so, why?) but he ain't selling tickets

Also, the Padres and Dodgers are supposedly showing interest in Realmuto. If I'm Dick Williams, and I can pull off a trade for Realmuto without sending my top three prospects, and if I'm comfortable with what I'd have remaining at catcher, my first call before I announce the move is to them.

Also, talking about the Reds making a major trade while windchills of -20 approach makes me happy.

*On the Bearcats.  I like this team, that is all.

Actually, no it isn't. That was a gutsy road win on Sunday against a decent Temple team that seemed poised at times to run away with a lopsided win. The college basketball season has reached its dog days, the point when we're way too removed from the beginning of the season, yet way to far away from the end of it. The games become a slog, and the best teams find ways to win on the road when they're not at their best, against game opponents.

Plus, with road tilts at Memphis and Houston looming, the Cats couldn't afford another road L.

UC is 19-3 in a rebuilding year, and two and a half months removed from their horrific season-opening loss to Ohio State in which they couldn't have looked more inept offensively, they've become a pretty efficient offensive club, even if they're prone to the same poor shooting nights as everyone else.

They've played the season out while many continue to lament what happened in last year's NCAA Tournament, yet there's been no Nevada hangover, and with weeks to go before March, they have time, and the personnel, to improve.

Yes, I like this team.

*Big East officials assessed Travis Steele a technical foul in the waning minutes of a two-point game on Saturday. You see, it ain't just the AAC guys who officiate unreasonably. 

The tech ain't why the Muskies lost, but still...

*Gambling stuff that likely only interests me:  UK at +1400 to win the national title (you were smart if you bought it at +2000), with a team that - even with some really, really tough games still ahead, has the raw talent to win six in March, and with a team that's starting to really come together on defense, and an ability to score in more ways than some would have thought when the season began, and a Super Bowl tease of LA +9.5 and the O/U moving to 63.5 and taking the under. Patriots Super Bowls are close, and I think the Rams can keep this low scoring. 

*A book that likely only interests me:   This one . I'll spare you an Anthony Davis-to-the-Knicks takes. 

The blog has been populated. Not my best work by far, but it beats what I've been doing, I suppose.

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