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The Mo Egger Blog: It's Early, But.....

Probably gonna be short and sweet this morning, which beats doing nothing, I'm told.

*Reds lose, but it's early, except....You don't expect Orlando Arcia to be the guy provide the game's biggest blow. You do expect the Reds to manage more than four hits. Alas, here we are. Reds hitters remain mostly silent and Arcia clubbed a three-run dong (with first base open and the pitcher's spot up next, but David Bell ain't the only guy who would've pitched to Arcia in that spot). The home team managed to make it interesting late, and got the tying run on to lead off the ninth, but as you likely know, they still took a third straight L.

New rule, BTW: Never, ever try a sac bunt against Josh Hader.

It's early. That was the refrain I heard exiting the ballpark. It was I was reminded of when I took a glance at Twitter. It was what callers to Extra Innings exclaimed on my ride home. (Last night was the first time I really, really missed living downtown. Walking to and from the ballpark is not to be taken for granted, if you're able).

Yes, it is early. 1-3 is no big deal.

Except...that neither this franchise and this particular version of the Reds have any built-up equity to make you think that a slow start is something they'll overcome. I believe that the weak offensive showing through four games is something that will dissolve into something that ultimately resembles a pretty productive offense, but...

For all of the optimism surrounding the, uh, "new" Reds, there aren't that many people who believe this team is that good to begin with.

Four straight seasons of 94-plus losses will have a fan base on edge, even being on the edge after just four games defies rational thought.

Yes, it's early. But most of us went into the season greatly unsure of how good the 2019 Reds could be. They've done nothing through four games to ease the uncertainty.

*Mickwatch continues. Nothing new really to say, this morning. UCLA is or isn't going to offer Mick Cronin the gig. He is or isn't going to take it. If they do, and he does, good for him. I'll add the Bruins to the list of teams I cheer for from an emotional and geographic distance.

If he stays, then great. It might mean that he's parlayed not getting a job offer into a higher-paying, longer deal. Again, good for him.

Either way, I think this is the last time we do this song and dance. If he hasn't already left for some random Power 5 job, he never will. I don't believe he will be coaching at Virginia Tech, and if he's not the latest successor to Wooden in Westwood, I believe Mick will still be coaching at the University of Cincinnati right around the time my daughter is a pre-teen.

I also don't think he can make more leverage plays with UC, continually getting more from the school (which I feel, right now, he deserves) as a threat of a higher-paying job looms.

Bigger questions I have if Mick leaves are whether Jarron Cumberland bolts for the pros and whether or not Semari Curtis still comes to Clifton.

I'd prefer both be Bearcats, which seems more likely to happen if Mick is also a Bearcat.

*Drew Lock to Cincinnati? Mel Kiper thinks so, or at least he mocks as much. I won't pretend that I saw every Drew Lock snap at Missouri, but what I did see and what I do know about him don't add up to me viewing him as being worthy of the 11th overall pick.

That said, I'm the guy pleading for the Bengals to start thinking about going in another direction at quarterback. This would be exactly that. It'd also be the clearest sign yet that this franchise has indeed entered a "New Dey."

I still doubt it happens. And if the Bengals can use their first round selection to grab a transformative linebacker that can play nearly every snap (Todd McShay has them taking Devin Bush) I won't gripe.

But imagine the shit we'd have to talk about if they did do what Mel Kiper mocks them to do.

*Once more, on Hunter Greene. Good stuff here from Baseball America's JJ Cooper...

Here’s the reality that is hard to hear: We just don’t know. After years and years of study, the baseball industry does not know how to prevent Tommy John surgeries. And it likely won't anytime soon.

Will Carroll (AKA: The Injury Expert" was on my show yesterday, and he hammered the Reds for the way they've gone about developing Hunter Greene.(Give the interview a listen here.) I understand his points, but there's still a nagging sense in me that if no one in the sport can fully agree on how to prevent Tommy John Surgeries, then I can't crush the Reds for, essentially, being just like everyone else.

*Programming Note: We haven't made a big deal of this, but the on-air arrangement we've had for nearly ten years is changing. I'm doing every afternoon on ESPN1530, instead of switching off with Lance during the baseball season. In a weird way, this kinda feels like a fresh start, and maybe a chance to do things on air a little differently, and hopefully, a chance to do them better. We've tried to re-emphasize callers a little bit more, based on some listener feedback (so, you know, if you want to call, we'll put you on), but with a new-ish producer, a new, more consistent schedule, and still the same old host, I'm interested in things you want more of, things you want less of, some segment ideas, etc. Any thoughts? Send 'em my way. Email works best....

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