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The Mo Egger Blog: When You Care, You React.

Another morning short on time, so chances are my remarks will be limited to just one thing.

The Reds.

Two main thoughts...

1) Yes, it's early. No, there's no need to completely change how you feel about what the team did this offseason, and what their chances are in 2019.

Unless, of course, you actually thought this team had a chance to be really, really good. In that case, you're probably losing your mind over the 1-5 start. Frankly though, that's on you. This is not a title-contending team. Wasn't before they lost five straight. Isn't now.

I had them at 78 wins last week. I have them at 78 wins now.

But....this team's offseason strategy was all about commanding your attention and, to at least some degree, buying back in emotionally. Lots of people did just that.

So when a fan who'd checked out sometime during the stretch of 94+ win seasons decides to jump back on board and then gets a first glimpse of a team that's offering strikingly similar results as their four immediate predecessors, you can't blame someone for feeling at least a little hoodwinked.

Which means you can't blame them for being at least a little pissed.

Last year, there was widespread apathy toward the Cincinnati Reds. Right now, there's emotions ranging from concern to frustration, to yes, anger by some. The good news is the Reds got people to care again. The problem is, when you get them to care and then let them down - even if the letdown is temporary - they'e going to express unhappiness in ways that involve something other than turning away.

When you're asked to care, you should be expected to react. Sometimes even irrationally.

2) The Reds are carrying 13 pitchers. They have four outfielders. None of them are hitting. (And no, I do not consider Michael Lorenzen to be an outfielder.)

They do have a former first round pick who just had a killer spring toiling in Louisville. He's 26 years-old, and he may never be more than a fourth outfielder in the big leagues.

But maybe, especially while Nick Senzel is sidelined, instead of playing with a short bench while riding and dying with a quartet of outfielders that's not producing, it might make sense to give Phil Ervin a chance, no?

Being short on time means your spared my takes on the Greek Freak, the Milwaukee Bucks, and fake tough guy Joel Embiid. Be grateful.

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