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The Mo Egger Blog: Two Things That Determine Whether You're With Me.

The blog relaunched, then went back on hiatus. The reasons for this happening are valid, though boring. Aside from maybe sleeping in tomorrow and not putting much on this here site, I don't foresee anymore delays.

I do foresee a quality time had tonight at our draft party at Belterra Park. Good guests. Great prizes. Lots of beer. I will be there as well, but don't let that deter you from joining us. The show starts at 6:00. The cigar I'm bringing gets lit up around 9:45 if the Bengals take Dwayne Haskins with the 11th pick.

*Speaking of, I've spent a large chunk of the week either talking on air about Dwayne Haskins and why I want the Bengals to use the 11th overall pick on him, or crafting a nearly-3,000 word piece outlining why I want this to happen.

Chances are, by now you've dug in on what direction you want the Bengals to go in, and that's fine. Chances are, if most of us focus on the player they've chosen instead of the positions they haven't yet addressed, we'll hit the pillow tonight reasonably content.

But, once more on the Haskins thing....

Ignoring whether or not you or I believe he has the chops to be a great quarterback, how you approach the matter should depend on two things.

How you think about the chances of this year's team winning something substantial.

And how comfortable you might be with the Bengals extending Andy Dalton, likely as soon as next offseason, and probably for at least a little more money than he's currently making.

If you believe the 2019 Bengals have a chance to win big, then by all means wave the flag for the guy that represents their best chance of improving enough to be really, really good this season. That guy ain't Haskins.

If, like me, you think this team lacks any kind of real contention potential, your eye is on bigger-picture decisions. None is bigger than who - and how good - the quarterback is.

If you're comfortable with the possibility of making Andy Dalton the face of this franchise - at a higher salary - deep into the next decade, then you're okay with passing up chances to find his replacement.

If you're more like me, and both unwilling to get a deal done with Andy now and very willing to start entertaining other future possibilities, then you're at least open to the idea that with the 11th pick tonight, a QB should be the pick.

I promise I won't bug you about Dwayne Haskins anymore.

*Here's some revolutionary Reds analysis: This team can't afford to keep wasting well-pitched games.

*Here's some more: No one ever criticizes a better for getting a hit when he swings at the first pitch. Can't imagine anyone was worked up when Ozzie Albies punted the first pitch of the game last night for a home run. He was being aggressive. But Scott Schebler grounded out on the first pitch with two outs and the bases loaded in the sixth inning. He was being impatient.

*Hey, FC Cincinnati. Transparency ain't hard. Actually, when your move into a neighborhood affects so many people, both positively and negatively, it's a requirement.

*Playoffs?! Playoffs. They've been stirring in the NHL, less in the NBA. And this is coming from someone who loves hoops. The margin between great and good, and good and merely okay seems so much slimmer in hockey, which can't help but create more compelling tilts than in hoops, where the difference between great and really good has always been pretty vast.

That said, the Warriors haven't been able to put away the Clippers, so what do I know.

Actually, what I know is the Warriors look bored. Especially on defense.

And what I think is that the two Eastern Conference semis in the NBA could be all kinds of good.

What I can't shake as an NBA fan is that the actual hoops being played this spring is less interesting that everything that will unfold this offseason. Given my rooting interests, though, you should take that with a Kevin Durant-sizegrain of salt.

Oh, and Go Jackets.

*The stuff that happened while I was not blogging...I attended two rounds of the Masters, which was incredible. I watched the final two rounds on TV, which was special because we really might not see Tiger win another major, even if the more fun way to look at it is to think about how many more he might win. He's 43 with a bad back, you know?....UC hired John Brannen. I'm happy about this. A coaching change, though, is always accompanied by change. The Bearcats have been a picture of consistency for a while. A little roster upheaval seems jarring. Ask me how I feel about this coming season on June 1st....NKU hired Darrin Horn. Lots of basketball folks that I listen to seem all-in on the hire. I'll defer to them.

*And one more...Anyone up for a trip to South Bend in 2021?

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