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The Mo Egger Blog: No-Hit? No Big Deal.

If the Reds were no-hit while you were sleeping, maybe it didn't happen.

Sadly, I can confirm that it did. Aside from a brief snooze during the fourth and fifth innings, I hung in there for every last Reds batter to not get a hit against Mike Fiers, who might be the oddest pitcher to be included on this list.

Good for him. Even if he needed some help from Ramon Laureano, who pulled back a potential Joey Votto home run.

From a Reds standpoint, I don't find getting no-hit particularly galling, even if we'd been operating under the assumption that the offense has been completely rejuvenated. Would last ni-er, this morning be any less frustrating if they'd gotten say, three hits and still lost 2-zip?

Not for me.

The bigger problem is this club's maddening propensity for losing its well-pitched games, something compounded by the disastrous loss that featured 11 runs on Friday and the L taken after a 4-0 lead was blown on Sunday. I'll keep harping on it, because it's true: The 2019 Reds have little margin for error, and for this team to be a factor in the final third of the season, it's going to have to dig out of a hole it dug during its first two weeks. That doesn't happen if a team that's had overachieving starting pitching continues to waste such efforts.

Forget whatever ignominy there is in sending nine innings worth of batters to the plate without getting a hit. The bigger issue is, once again, a Reds starting pitcher did his part - this time Tyler Mahle - only to have the effort, once again, wasted.

*David Bell said during spring training he'd use the bullpen more progressively. He's lived up to that promise. Raisel Iglesias should've been paying attention.

And someone should maybe tell him than when a game is tied after eight innings, there are no more save opportunities for the home team.

Pitch better, Raisel.

*Bell's bullpen usage has been commensurate with the direction the game is going. More starters are being yanked with little regard for how they're faring in the moment, with the dreaded third time through the order being something that most skippers will avoid having their starter try to get through the way I avoid physical fitness.

I like Bell's approach with the way he's avoiding tempting fate with a starting staff that's overachieving while he plays to what should be (and mostly has been) a team strength, it's relief corps. He's being proactive with his starters, and more flexible than than any Reds manager has been in a while with his bullpen.

*Alan Koch is gone. I wrote about why this is a major league move, for The Athletic.

This was a move that reeked of urgency, which is why I liked it, even if there's a hint of scapegoating when you sniff around. We could use a little more urgency with our sports teams, no?

Decisions in life are made quickly. You made a choice whether or not to keep reading this blog a few sentences in. You'll know if you want to keep seeing the woman you're on a blind date with a few minutes into your first meeting. Your employer knew whether he/she would be interested in hiring you mere within seconds of your first meeting.

Koch got two months to give the impression he was equipped to go from being the caretaker of a USL club to steering an MLS club to major on-field success. The team was non-competitive, fingers were being pointed, and I absolutely give Jeff Berding the benefit of the doubt when he speaks openly about the team's culture needing a chance.

Like I wrote, this was a major league move by FC Cincinnati.

*The 2009 UC football team and the voice of the Bearcats will both go into the UC Athletics Hall of Fame. I'm two days late on this and not armed with much time this morning...but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how much I revere that '09 squad and admire the guy who called every snap of their season.

Dan Hoard is the absolute best. My conversations with him and former Bearcat Tony Pike from Monday's show can be found here.

And if you object to Brian Kelly being with his team as they're properly celebrated, you have only yourself to get over.

Radio Show: The Reds getting no-hit, the Reds clowning around, what's next for FC Cincinnati, and a ton more. We'll get to it all today, starting at 3:05 on ESPN1530.

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