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ESPN1530 On Demand: The Mo Egger Show For 5/15/19

Among the incredible, hard-hitting sports-talk radio topics we covered on Wednesday...

*The Reds are gonna hit, eventually. I'm just not sure how much.

*I want an NFL Draft Lottery.

*Remembering what the Reds' plan for this season has been all along, and the mistakes from 2014, in thinking ahead to the trade deadline.

*James Hudson, a Michigan transfer trying gain immediate eligibility at UC, is getting jobbed by the NCAA.

*An internet personality spreads a common misconception about Cincinnati.

*Your problem with David Bell isn't David Bell.

*And I assured everyone that I'm not losing my mind over the Knicks not winning the lottery.

*Plus, Xavier Baseball Coach Billy O'Conner talked about Saturday's XU/UC tilt at GABP.

Listen here...

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