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ESPN1530 On Demand: The Mo Egger Show For 5/30/19

On Thursday's show...

*Why you can't blame David Bell for his reaction to Eugenio Suarez being hit against the Pirates.

*Why the Pirates don't deserve the benefit of the doubt when one of their lame pitchers hits a batter.

*The upside and downside to adding deeper netting at MLB parks. SPOILER: There is no downside.

*Why I'm picking the Warriors in six.

*How the Pirates really did the Reds a favor on Wednesday.

*MLB's "back in my day" announcer problem.


*Jeff Rueter of The Athletic, on FC Cincinnati's new GM.

*The Baseball Brit on his journey to the US to see 162 baseball games, including two this week in Cincinnati.

*New FC Cincinnati General Manager Gerard Nijkamp

*Former Reds and current Fox Sports analyst Sam LeCure, on beanballs, posing after homers, and David Bell.

*Chad Brendel of Bearcat Journal on the new UC hoops commit.

Listen to the entire show here...

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