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Blog Of Football Guesses: Avoiding The Wild Card Weekend Trap.

Short on time, so these might be brief....

I don't feel that emphatic about any of these games, but it's no fun to sit out the NFL's best weekend, so here goes...

San Francisco (-7) over Minnesota. This number is a little bigger than I'd like (that's a theme of the weekend), and I'm interested in what George Kittle does against a team that's very good at defending tight ends, but Dee Ford is back for 'Frisco, and in the (only) 164 snaps he and Nick Bosa played together this season, the Niners had 24 sacks. I don't think the Vikings can handle San Fran's D-line.

Baltimore (-10) over Tennessee. Another number I'm not crazy about, but I'm wary of overreacting to happens wild card weekend (a bad habit of investors, including myself), and as great as Derrick Henry was last week, he's lugged it 66 times over the last two games, this will be their third straight road game, and the Ryan Tannehill I watched last week isn't pulling off an even bigger upset than the ones the Titans were responsible for in Foxboro.

Oh, and the Ravens have Lamar Jackson.

Kansas City (-9.5) over Houston. Another big number, but keep in mind that since the 2010 playoffs, each of the seven teams to lay 10-plus in the playoffs covered, all of them at home by an average of over 19 points per game.

Want more? Since 2011, favorites of at least nine points are 8-2 ATS in the playoffs.

Let's be honest, none of us wants to see an AFC title tilt that doesn't pit the Ravens versus the Chiefs. We need Houston and Tennessee to lay down, and frankly, as much as KC's defense turned into a strength over the second half of the season, I say the Texans will oblige.

Green Bay (-4) over Seattle. Most interesting game of the weekend, mainly because I still have no idea how good the Packers are. I do know the Seahawks are without their top two running backs, and I believe that will allow an improved Green Bay defense to focus in on Russell Wilson. The Seahawks are fun, but their defense is getting by mainly on a reputation it doesn't deserve, and I'm to the point where I don't trust Pete Carroll in a game like this one. I've been waiting all week for this number to tumble by a half point, but I still like it where it is.


Kansas City (-3.5)/Baltimore (-4) teaser.

Mark Andrews over 46.5 receiving yards.

Kansas City moneyline/Baltimore moneyline/Green Bay 1st half moneyline parlay.

We'll get to the national title tilt on Monday.

NFL Playoffs ATS: 2-2

Regular season NFL Mark ATS in 2019: 51-33-3

College Mark ATS in 2019: 46-37-1

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