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Blog Of Football Guesses: Hello, But Not From A Plane Headed To Tulsa.

My original plan was to bang this out during a plane ride to Tulsa. Alas, that plane ride isn't happening. This gives me an off day, which means that with nice weather and other things to do, I won't be making this very long.

Here we go....

NFL tilts of interest...

Indianapolis (+7.5) over Cincinnati. The usual disclaimer whenever I go against the home team: I hope I'm wrong, and I don't put my money against the squads I root for. The number is a tad high for a game that isn't likely to be very high scoring, but I don't trust the Bengals to protect Joe Burrow consistently or beat opponents deep, and at some point Philip Rivers will play a game that doesn't make him seem like a $25 million mistake.

Arizona (-2.5) over Dallas. Yes, Andy Dalton will do just fine taking over for Dak Prescott. No, he won't have the kind of protection he needs - the Cowboys' offensive line is all kinds of banged up - and the Cowboys' defense is a mess.

Chicago (+2.5) over Carolina/Chicago moneyline over Carolina. This line should be the opposite of what it is. After games against the Colts and Bucs, the Bears get the soft landing of a Panthers defense that puts zero pressure on QBs. They won't score much, but they won't give up many either.

Detroit (-3) over Jacksonville. One 1-3 team has played quality competition. The other is the Jaguars. Want a stat? According to the Action Network, since 2003 road favorites off a bye are 62-28-2.

College tilts of interest....

These are going to be super-quick...

Kentucky (+6.5) over Tennessee.

Liberty (-3) over Syracuse. The Orange might be the worst team in FBS college football.

UAB (-14) over Western Kentucky.

Alabama (-6) over Georgia.

Boston College (12.5) over Virginia Tech.

I went into detail on all of these on Thusday's Cincy 3:60. IYKYK. You know?

NFL in 2020: 13-10-1

College football in 2020: 13-6-1

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