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Blog Of Football Guesses: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

NFL tilts of interest...

Cincinnati (+8) over Pittsburgh. So the line had dropped to +7 or +7.5 depending on where you look, after opening at +9. I wouldn't take the Bengals at 7, and I'd balk at 7.5, so I'd see if the line moves based on news of Ben Roethlisberger starting on Sunday. I don't think the Bengals win, I do think there's decent backdoor potential, and it's worth pointing out that they're 6-2 ATS in 2020.

Problem is the Steelers are 6-2 ATS in 2020 as well. Another problem is that after succeeding against Tennessee's crappy pass rush two weeks ago, they're facing the most productive pass rush in the NFL. The Steelers are too good defensively for me to believe the Bengals can go on the road and win, and even if I'm somewhat comfortable taking the 8 points, I'm also going to put them in a teaser with either New Orleans (currently -9.5 v. San Francisco), Chicago (+2.5 v. Minnesota), or the Chargers (+1.5 v. Miami)

Baltimore (-6.5) over New England. The Patriots in prime time again. Ignore the the name of the team and the uniforms. This is an awful roster. The line for this should be higher, with the Ravens owning the best run defense in the sport. Lay the points now before the number moves higher.

Cleveland (-2.5) over Houston. Nice get-right spot for the Browns with Nick Chubb coming back against a Texans defense that's giving up more than five yards a carry and allows a ton 20+ yard runs.

Chargers/Miami over 47.5. Tua v. Herbert ends up being a shootout. We get a fast-paced LA offense, a shaky Dolphins defense, and two QBs looking to outduel each other.

College tilts of interest...

Cincinnati (-27.5) over ECU. The Bearcats' backups are too good to open up the backdoor, and UC needs to keep blowing opponents out. Holton Ahlers ain't throwing for 535 yards against Cincinnati this year.

Nebraska/Penn State under 57. This isn't 1995, and these aren't offenses that finish drives.

Notre Dame (-13.5) over Boston College. This isn't 1993 either.

Michigan State (+7) over Indiana. The turnover margin for both teams even themselves out.

Tulsa (-3) over SMU. I could make up names of Tulsa players and get away with it, couldn't I

NFL ATS in 2020: 23-13-1 after last night's Indy moneyline win.

College ATS in 2020: MACtion has been profitable, 4-1-1 this week which brings the tally for the season to 27-16-1

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