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ESPN1530 Rerun: The Mo Egger Show For 1/19/21

If it seems like it's been a while since I posted a recording of our radio show, that's because it has been. While it is very, very rare that I post a show thinking that it was actually good, I refuse to post the ones that are so bad that I spend the entire drive home bathing in shameful silence. I would stop well short of calling Tuesday's show a quality broadcast, but compared to what I've been cranking out recently, this is Marconi-winning gold right here.

Anyway, on that extremely fun note, enjoy a show in which Paul Dehner Jr. and I talked about the decisions the Bengals have on the offensive line and other offseason issues, including which last place teams in 2020 have the best chances of being first place teams in 2021. I also talked about the Reds' roster, the lack of excitement in college basketball during a COVID season, and some caller who thinks Chad Henne is better than Andy Dalton. Also, we gave out Cincinnati sports pardons. Really, this is groundbreaking content so give it a listen....

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