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ESPN1530 Rerun: The Mo Egger Show For 3/24/21

I really feel like we drilled down to some important sports-talk radio topics today. Among them:

*Is Bob Castellini laying the groundwork for more cheapness?

*Is Lou Anarumo now the second-most important Bengals employee?

*Can Bengals fans who've complained about the offensive line really gripe if with the fifth pick in the draft, they take the best offensive lineman?

*Are today's college basketball players soft? (No.) Are they simply being presented options that they didn't have before? (Yes)

*And most importantly, was Paul Daugherty eating an apple when he interviewed Bob Castellini for this podcast?

Plus, a caller got me off on a tangent about salary caps, and a guy at the end of show called in because he hates me. Listen here...

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