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The Mo Egger Blog: LOTN For College Football Week One

These will be short and sweet. Congratulations to those who cashed in on the two Friday night college football plays mentioned on Friday afternoon's Cincy 3:60. Michigan State and the sloppy offenses of North Carolina and Virginia Tech gave us a nice start to the holiday weekend.

Cincinnati -22.5 over Miami and Cincinnati 1H -13.5 over Miami. I like the first half cover slightly more than the game cover, but I'm comfortable with both. I don't know how the Redhawks score against the Bearcats, and I could see a team that played just three games struggling early, especially on the road in the environment that Nippert promises to be. The backdoor opening late wouldn't be a total surprise, but I'm not betting on it.

And for the record, I have UC going 11-1, splitting the games in Indiana.

Most important, I can't wait to be inside a packed and vibrant Nippert Stadium.

Penn State +5.5 over Wisconsin.

UCLA ML +130 over LSU

Clemson -3 over Georgia

Rutgers -14.5 over Temple and Rutgers/Temple over 51

Alabama/Miami 1H under 31

Kentucky/Louisiana-Monroe under 54

UConn/Holy Cross under 53.5

2021 College Football LOTN v. spread: 3-1

2021 College Football LOTB v. 1H spread: 1-0

2021 College Football LOTN v. the total: 3-1

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