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The Mo Egger Show: LOTN For NFL Week 3 And College Football Week 4.

As outlined in incredible detail on ESPN1530's Cincy 3:60...

College tilts...

North Carolina -12.5 over Georgia Tech

Nebraska +5 over Michigan State

Army -8 over Miami.

Louisville -2.5 over Florida State

Wyoming -29.5 over UConn. Yes, UConn still has a football program.

Notre Dame +6.5 over Wisconsin

UTSA +3 over Memphis

Kentucky -4.5 over South Carolina

Texas A&M -5 over Arkansas

Western Kentucky moneyline +280 over Indiana

NFL tilts...

Tennessee -5 over Indianapolis

Jacksonville +7.5 over Arizona

Miami +4 over Las Vegas

Cleveland -7 over Chicago

Tampa Bay -1 over LA Rams

Teaser: Buffalo -1.5 in 6-point teaser with Arizona -1.5

Prop: Justin Herbert over 295.5 passing yards v. Kansas City

I may add to this list on Sunday morning...

Bengals/Steelers is a very hard stay-away for me. The offense I watched in Chicago isn't winning in Pittsburgh, but even without Tee Higgins, I don't think we see exactly the same offense. At the same time, there are pass protection issues, a formidable Pittsburgh defense, and the ghosts of Heinz Field debacles of the past looming over this game.

And quite frankly, I don't trust Zac Taylor in this spot.

As down as I am on the Steelers and as encouraged as I've been about the defense, I can see the Bengals covering and winning, but LOTN is about gambling, and there's no chance I'd put money on this game unless I can get something live.

2021 College Football ATS: 13-7

2021 College Football ATS: 6-4

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