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LOTN: NFL Week 4, College Week 5

Full disclosure...When the Bengals/Jags line dropped by a half a point to -7, I took the home team. I lost. But the Bengals won. I'm too smitten with Joe Burrow to care about the fallout from Cincinnati not covering.

Short and sweet, as usual. Any elaboration needed? Come find me in South Bend.

NFL tilts...

Dallas -4.5 over Carolina

Minnesota +2 over Cleveland

Jets +7.5 over Tennessee

New England +7 over Tampa Bay. Any idea who the Bucs' starting QB will be on Sunday night?

Seattle +3 and play the moneyline over San Francisco.

Detroit +3 over Chicago

Green Bay -6.5 over Pittsburgh.

College tilts...

Ohio State -15 over Rutgers

Army -7.5 over Ball State

Penn State -12 over Indiana

Cincinnati/Notre Dame. I'm staying away from the number by itself. Normally in a coin flip game, if the home team is getting points, I'll take the points.

But come on. If the Bearcats beat the Irish, Saturday October 2nd will go down as a top ten best day of my life. I don't bet against the Cats, but as much as I'm violated the "never invest with your heart rule," rules aren't rules without exceptions.

I won't lay the points either. Instead, I'll find something to tease this with. Maybe Ole Miss. Perhaps Kentucky. Could do Georgia.

And if the Bearcats do pull off the biggest victory in program history, South Bend is going to have to deal with me on Saturday night.

College tilts in 2021: 19-11

NFL tilts in 2021: 10-7

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