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The Mo Egger Blog: LOTN, NFL Week 7 and College Week 8.

College tilts of interest...

Cincinnati -26.5 over Navy. I use 26.5 because that's where it was early in the week and that's when I made my play. If you believe Navy will score one touchdown or less. If you believe the Midshipmen will score more than one touchdown, then don't. You obviously know where I stand on this.

Ohio State -20 over Indiana.

Oklahoma -38.5 over Kansas. Maybe tease this with UC if you're not comfortable with laying the points in either.

Iowa State -7 over Oklahoma State.

Buffalo -11 over Akron.

NFL tilts of interest...

Cincinnati +6.5 over Baltimore. I feel oddly comfortable about doing this. I'm gonna get nearly a touchdown with a quarterback who's been terrific against the blitz, and a team that's far better prepared to handle the problems the Ravens present on both sides of the ball than the Bengals team that was smoked in Baltimore in week 5 last season. I spent the week talking about how much I like Cincinnati's playoff chances, and if they win this game, that conversation goes into hyperdrive. I'd like this a lot more at +7, but I really don't have too many qualms about taking the points with the line as is.

I'll also throw some money at Tyler Boyd leading the Bengals in receiving yards and receptions.

Kansas City -5.5 over Tennessee. I love Derrick Henry. I do not love Derrick Henry enough to believe that he will outscore the Chiefs by himself.

Carolina -2.5 over the Giants. This is not the best NFL game of the weekend.

Rams -15.5 over Detroit. Neither is this one.

Indianapolis +4 over San Francisco. Actually, there really aren't that many really great games this weekend, are there?

NFL tilts ATS in 2021: 17-12

College tilts ATS in 2021: 24-15.

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