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The Mo Egger Blog: Consecutive Days.

That's right. You're reading the second of consecutive daily posts.

Unlike yesterday's this will be short and very sweet. But hey, at least I'm populating the page, right?

*It's been fun to watch the unfolding of some of the national reaction to the Bengals' win over Baltimore, and there does seem to be a genuine sense of surprise that the current placeholders of the top spot in the AFC North is a franchise that was picked apart to no end in the run-up to the 2020 draft and was destroyed by some when the decision to draft Ja'Marr Chase instead of Penei Sewell went final.

It's easy for those of us on #TeamChase to take a victory lap since the selection of Chase has, at least thus far, worked out. But the whole Chase vs. Sewell, for some, was never completely about a preference for either player or even which philosophies for roster-building makes the most sense. Instead, for those on the extreme fringes of #TeamSewell, not taking the Oregon lineman had to be built up to being about how the people who run the Bengals are completely irresponsible for ignoring the importance of having a quality offensive line.

The early spring was filled with narratives that we've all spent the last few weeks crushing. If you're reading this, you know what I'm referring to.

*Spent some time with my man James Rapien today. This was a good time...

*Go get 'em Dusty. I have no real strong feeling for who will win the World Series, though it does seem we're in store for a pretty decent series. I don't like the Astros, although my frustration with the whole sign-stealing scandal was more centered around the guy in charge of the investigation into it. I'm also not naïve enough to believe that the extent of sign-stealing was limited to Houston or a handful of other teams.

Still, I'm rooting for the Astros because of Dusty Baker.

Unfairly scapegoated by the Reds after 2013, and never completely given his due by a whole lot of folks while he was here, I've never met anyone who covered Dusty or spent significant time around him who didn't enjoy him immensely. I'm among those who believe that there's a place in Cooperstown for men who've lived great baseball lives (Nuxhall, Joe), meaning Dusty should already been in the Hall of Fame.

His managerial resume even without a title deserves at leas serious consideration.

If the Astros win it all, he will have checked every box, and the engraver should start work on the plaque.

READ: Dusty Baker's Time is Now.

*Arquon Bush saved the day for UC in Annapolis with a game-sealing interception.

Today, I interviewed him for this week's UC pregame show.

Because I'm awful at time management, I showed up my our on-campus conversation a few minutes late, and apologized profusely.

Many in his position would've expressed exasperation, justifiably upset with someone not completely respecting their time. Hell, I probably would have. Instead, he assured me that he had nowhere to go and that he was grateful for the opportunity. He then gave me six minutes that included some of the most detailed descriptions of his biggest plays I've heard from any athlete, much less a college kid.

Easy dude to root for. Listen for our conversation before this Saturday's UC tilt against Tulane.

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