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ESPN1530 On Demand: The Mo Egger Radio Show For 3/24/22

On Thursday's show...

The Reds acquired Tommy Pham. A brief sampling on Twitter on Wednesday night would suggest that they signed a younger version of Rickey Henderson, but they did not. Instead, Tommy Pham. Which is fine.

But can anyone label exactly what it is the Reds are doing? And are people buying in?

We discussed this Reds-related poll question.

And we talked about watching the future of the team on Wednesday night.

Two national pundits think the Bengals will miss the playoffs in 2022. I respond.

Chad Brendel was at UC Pro Day. He joined us.

So did XU baseball coach Billy O'Conner.

And we took some Talk Backs, talked a little NCAA Tournament, and I raved about our new water. Listen...

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