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ESPN1530 On Demand: The Mo Egger Show For 8/3/22

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Any word on Joe Burrow's return, and what does history tell us about what to expect from him in year? Joe Mixon...2000 yards? And what new wrinkles might there be in the Bengals' offense? Paul Dehner Jr. discussed all of this and more.

We've heard from all of the experts on the prospects the Reds acquired via trades. I was interested in how Reds fans feel about the team, and I tried to express what it's like a lot of somewhat conflicting thoughts about where things stand with the franchise.

I did tip my cap to Nick Krall, and I explained why.

I discussed how the NFL is killing the credibility of it's own disciplinary process.

And I also tried to pay tribute to Vin Scully.


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