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ESPN1530 On Demand: The Mo Egger Show For 10/13/22

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On Thursday's show, we talked extensively about the Bengals' offensive issues. I discussed the differences between the quarterback the Bengals have versus the one they used to have, and why they have to look no further than other NFL teams to figure out how to beat opposing defenses.

And we had guests. Many guests. Who were they? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Mark Schofield of SB Nation, who wrote a terrific piece on how the Bengals are not beating the NFL's current go-to D.

Chad Brendel, of Bearcat Journal.

Pat Brennan, who covers FC Cincinnati for

Jay Morrison, who covers the Bengals for The Athletic.

Dan Clasgens, our fantasy expert from GetSportsInfo.

There were others. There are always others.


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