Kevin St. Clair, CEO of St. Clair Roofing

During high school Kevin St. Clair worked for his father Ray after school and on the weekends. At a young age Kevin’s parents instilled in him work ethic and drive to succeed, which was going to be critical to succeed for the future. As a wrestler through high school Kevin developed the physical and mental toughness to handle the daily demands working in the roofing industry. Kevin would cut grass, wash company trucks, and clean up the warehouse as he began his career.

In 1986 Kevin graduated high school and started working for his father full-time. He started as a laborer doing the difficult grunt work and clean up on projects. Over the years he gained experience on all the installation procedures of all products and services, by being hands on in the field.

Eventually Kevin worked his way into Estimating and then onto Managing our Production Office. It was in these roles that he started demonstrating the leadership and knowledge to pave the way to run the day-to-day operations and taking over the reins from his father in 2008.

What Kevin focuses on still today is building relationships with his employees and our great customers. He does this through a commitment to Teamwork and Trust.

Since 2008 Kevin and his wife Alyssa have continued the tradition of serving our community and celebrating more than 70 years in business of this successful 3rd Generation Company. Kevin highlights all of the hard work and accomplishments of his father and family and appreciates the foundation they set before him. His parents taught him early on that through hard work, overcoming challenges and fears, you will find happiness and success.

Today, Kevin and Alyssa want to acknowledge the great team of employees who day to day demonstrate and believe in our core values and commitment to our procedures & services that allow us to continue our great success for over 70 years and counting.

In his off time, Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife Alyssa, his two daughters, wonderful families, friends and his Co-Pilot and beloved beagle Vincent.

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