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Some Stuff: Who Knew The Summer Would Be This Much Fun?

When they Reds were sitting at 3-18, or 8-27, or as they were as recently as June 9th, 21 games under .500 at 22-43, who ever would've thought that we'd be spending July talking about how much fun it is to root for these guys?

I posted something late last night about the Reds' stirring comeback win over the Indians being their most gratifying victory in years, which it was, for many reasons.

It provided Joey Votto with a chance to author a signature moment, while reminding everyone that there's few hitters as dangerous with the game on the line.

It validated the excellent work of Sal Romano after he'd fallen behind four runs.

It felt like one of those games a team has when it's making the transition to relevance, the kind of win that almost felt like a franchise turning point, maybe one we'll look back on as a pivotal moment in this club's evolution and development.

And of course, it inched the Reds closer to winning the prestigious Ohio Cup.

More than anything, people noticed it. People are talking about the Reds for the first time in a while, once again shattering the notion that gets beaten over my head whenever they're struggling that no one cares about them.  You've surely seen and heard this city perk up a little bit over the past few months, and I'll bet someone has started a conversation with you in recent weeks by mentioning how well the Reds have been doing. I wish they'd gotten off to a better start, which would've made what they're doing now count for something more, and I wish I could be totally on board with the belief that this team is really, really close to true, legit, contention. (I'm getting there.) But it's fun to hear people talk about this team, it's a good time to see so many people tweeting about this team, and it's a good time when my phone vibrates with texts from people who seemingly gave up on the Reds a long time ago when moments like last night's ninth inning comeback happen.

Who knew the summer would be this fun?

Here's some other stuff...

The Indians had communications issues last night. This actually happened in a big league dugout

C. Trent has a great piece on Joey Votto's ninth inning heroics. 

There's way too many reads about LeBron and the Lakers, but this one is worth your time

When I last wrote a blog about Troy Caupain, I never would've imagined that he'd be this close to getting real NBA minutes

I'm trying to temper my enthusiasm for Kevin Knox. I'm failing. 

This made the rounds already: Dick Williams mentioned the team having a higher player payroll next year.  No one seems to be talking about the part where he alluded to more fan support playing a role. I couldn't care less who does and doesn't go to baseball games, but I wonder if fan support with basically two homestands remaining before school lets down will be what the team needs in order to make significant spending increases. 

Guys, if the Bengals ever move on from Marvin Lewis, it's not going to go back to being like this. 

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