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The Mo Egger Blog: When You Like The Player, But Not The Pick.

Late night last night and two shows to host today, so we'll limit this to just what the Bengals did, and didn't do, last night.

What they did is they got better. The Bengals have a better roster than they did before the draft began because their offensive line is better than it was before the draft began. Jonah Williams was regarded by many as the best offensive lineman in the draft, and some "experts" had him as one of the best five players in this draft. Offensive line was a need, and they addressed it. Fine.

But as much as, based on what I know, I like the player, I'm not in love with the pick.

I've already written enough about my preference for the Bengals using the 11th pick on Dwayne Haskins, so there's no real need to outline my case, especially since, you know, the fact that we can't go back in time makes any of my arguments moot.

But by not drafting Haskins, the possibility of Andy Dalton getting a long-term contract increases, at least a little.

There is both good and bad to this, of course. Andy Dalton is a good player, consumate pro, and provides the kind of steadiness at the sport's most important position that other franchises would kill for. I like Andy Dalton.

I just don't believe that I'm ever going to be comfortable with the Bengals hitching themselves to him, in a contract that's more expensive and likely has more guarantees. Mike Brown has gone on the record saying that he doesn't want to get an extension done with Dalton until after this coming season plays out, but in the absence of a viable long-term alternative, they might have no choice but to do a deal with a quarterback that, with no plan B available to the team, has more leverage than he would have had the Bengals started already grooming a long-term replacement.

Yes, they can still draft a quarterback this year. Maybe Drew Lock continues to fall, and he's there when the Bengals go on the clock in round two. Or perhaps they get Will Grier at some point. Next year's draft, I guess, is a possibility. But as a believer in Haskins' upside, as someone who was hoping the Bengals would use this draft to do something off-brand, and as someone who likes Dalton but doesn't see him as a good long-term investment, when the Bengals had their turn to pick, I'd hoped that they'd pick the former Buckeye as their potential future QB, better positioning themselves when it comes to negotiating with their current one.

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Also: Thanks to everyone who joined us last night at Belterra Park.

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